The world’s leading private companies and the people building and funding them need a bank that has their best interests at heart.

Sadly, this is a novel concept amidst mega banks laden with conflict.

Scenic is a different type of investment bank: in 2013, Scenic was built from the ground up by investors and entrepreneurs (not bankers) to meet the capital needs of the world’s best private companies, and the visionaries who build and fund them.

Entrepreneurs & Founders

Institutional-sized private company stock sales, discreetly executed at a market price.

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Access to leading pre-IPO companies, exclusive to Scenic.

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Primary and secondary capital from leading global institutions.

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1 big thing: Startup stock trading is the norm

“When you start to see Series A and B secondaries, my antennae perk up as to whether that’s the right to do,” says Scenic’s Barrett Cohn.

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Why Covid is Hastening the Institutionalization of the Private Market

As investors continue to make sense of the Covid crisis and plot a strategy to take them forward, one thing is becoming very clear: the retail side of the private market will never be the same. While dramatic market movements across every sector ...

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