Private & Public Wealth Management

For entrepreneurs, Scenic Advisement provides the only wealth management service that blends public-market and private-market investments, introducing active valuation, execution competency and risk management across both asset classes.

Public company asset management has evolved with the introduction of algorithmically-derived and index-based tools. Yet, private company holdings typically remain unmanaged. Late-stage private-company stock requires active management, specialist research and valuation and hedging with public markets.

For entrepreneurs in the private company ecosystem this is crucial, as significant parts of their wealth are created in the private markets. Scenic’s Wealth Management team are experts in asset management and portfolio creation across both private and public markets.

Wealth Management Services

Scenic provides the following wealth management services for entrepreneurs:

  • Institutional Quality Asset Management (Private and Public)
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Trust and Estate: In partnership with top law and accounting firms
  • Nuisance Avoidance: Bill pay and Tax Preparation
  • Insurance: in partnership with high quality, nimble insurance providers
  • Philanthropy

Wealth Management Team

Scenic's Wealth Management team is led by Jane Leung and Michael Sobel.

  • Michael Sobel

    Prior to co-founding Scenic, Mike was Americas Head of Equity Trading and Global Head of Fixed Income Index and iShares at BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager. Mike has deep expertise in asset allocation and optimal market structure design.  Mike has been a senior advisor to various exchanges, including the NYSE and Nasdaq.

  • Jane Leung

    Prior to joining Scenic, Jane held senior roles at BlackRock/iShares, including Head of Asia Pacific iShares and Index Equity. Prior to running the iShares business in Asia, Jane was a Senior Portfolio Manager for BlackRock’s U.S. Equity Index business, responsible for over $70 billion in investment assets. She has deep expertise in risk management, portfolio construction and investment education. Jane is a CFA charter holder.

  • Peter Christiansen

    Peter is an experienced portfolio manager and quantitative researcher with more than 15 years experience developing and implementing quantitative, model-driven investment processes for fund management. Before coming to Scenic, Peter was a director with BlackRock for 17 years.


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